Our Story

Behind the scenes at Bushy Tail Plant-Based Food you will find the owners, husband and wife team – Peter & Trish.

We have a passion for plant-based whole foods that are full of goodness and packed with flavor.

We have 2 kids who also eat a plant-based diet so we strive everyday to make sure they are getting all the best nutrients.

In 2016 after watching one of the horror Netflix documentaries about animal welfare and climate change we decided to try a plant-based diet.  We couldn’t ignore the facts that we all need to reduce our meat consumption. Land and water used to feed and produce livestock is depleting the world of natural resources.  Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all the world’s transportation systems combined.

It really hit home with us –  there is no planet B.

For a while it was just a case of cutting out animal products from our staple diet but it soon got so boring with the lack of choice.  So after lots of research on how to make vegetables sexy, we started introducing more and more plant-based food into our meals.  We started cooking with chickpeas, lentils, quinoa, tofu, potatoes, grains, nuts, jack fruit and even cauliflower!!

Over the last few years, we have mastered some delicious food, so now we want to share with you these meals and bring you on a journey of plant-based heaven on a plate.